Transporting liquid foodstuffs is the core business of Rubino RS srl from Monopoli, so to expand on this the following section explores the various aspects that characterize this. Specificity, details and queries are covered in this section of our website, providing insights to help you understand our commitment and professionalism based on a solid and specialist company in the field of all kinds of liquid foodstuff transport.
We therefore think it is useful to let our customers know how many and the types of new features our company offers both in terms of investments and in terms of research and specialization.

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31 January 2022

How to transport food in Europe

Having certainty in food transport throughout Europe is of paramount importance for Italian companies today. The data presented by Coldiretti in October 2021 (at Tuttofood in Milan on the basis […]
21 January 2022

Transport Verona: The food tank container solution

Nel quadro del sistema intermodale italiano, Verona assume sicuramente una posizione rilevante e di guida. Anzi l’interporto di Verona si è confermato negli ultimi anni al pari (e addirittura superiore) a quello delle grandi realtà Europee.
11 January 2022

Logistics and tank container transport: beyond the crisis

A confronto con Sandro Rubino, titolare della Rubino Rs, azienda pugliese specializzata nel trasporto di liquidi alimentari e non alimentari con cisterne stradali e tank containers bi-modali di proprietà.
4 January 2022

Next-generation tank containers: innovations

Improving our fleet, even in a delicate period from the point of view of the specific sector and the economic situation more generally, is always one of our main goals. Expanding the fleet of vehicles and tank containers we have available is absolutely essential in order to be able to provide our customers with efficient transport and fast orders.
28 December 2021

Shipping olive oil, wine and other food liquids: our guarantees

Shipping olive oil, wine and other food liquids are among the spearheads of Made in Italy. This is true for both the domestic market, but also and especially...
19 October 2021

When and how to carry out tank cleaning

Tank cleaning is one of the most important aspects of the high-quality service we offer our clients and comprises both food tank washing and the cleaning of other types of tankers. It is important because we recognise the superior quality of Italian agrifood industry liquid food products and the diversity of non-food products (biomass and by-products of food grade origin).
15 September 2021

Milk transport by tankers and containers: guarantees and advantages

Milk transport: quality and safety, guarantees and advantages, regulations and requirements: the transport of raw milk has precise rules and guidelines
7 September 2021

Innovative and efficient transport company

The most advanced tank containers, the most suited tanks, the tracking system that guarantees more safety and a latest-generation system: we are an innovative transport company in terms of the technologies used, but we are also always at the customer's side, taking care of organisation and consultancy services where necessary.
26 August 2021

Combined transport: benefits and advantages

Explaining and presenting the advantages and benefits of combined transport, 20 years after the Decree of the Ministry of Transport and almost 30 years after the European Directive that established common rules for certain combined goods transport between Member States, is never superfluous. This is for a number of reasons, which we will try to explore in more detail through a discussion of the salient aspects of combined transport.
30 July 2021

Multimodal transportation in Apulia

Multimodal transportation. We know the best possible way of transporting goods to, from and through Apulia. We know the history of Apulia, our land and our region.