Transporting liquid foodstuffs is the core business of Rubino RS srl from Monopoli, so to expand on this the following section explores the various aspects that characterize this. Specificity, details and queries are covered in this section of our website, providing insights to help you understand our commitment and professionalism based on a solid and specialist company in the field of all kinds of liquid foodstuff transport.
We therefore think it is useful to let our customers know how many and the types of new features our company offers both in terms of investments and in terms of research and specialization.

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29 September 2020
uni en iso 9001

ISO 9001 Certification

Negli scorsi mesi la nostra azienda ha ottenuto la nota Certificazione ISO 9001 che certifica che l\’azienda ha attuato e mantiene un sistema di gestione qualità che è conforme alla […]
21 November 2019
Cisterna stradale Rubino RS

New look for intermodal transport

“Intermodal transport is a method of transferring goods that uses standardized ‘load units’ (usually containers) that can be easily moved from one mode of transport (ship, truck, train etc.) to […]
21 November 2019
Ground control Rubino RS

Rubino RS: tank container characteristics

The tank containers used by Rubino RS are designed and built according to the latest product standards and also have specific design features that improve handling operations during loading and […]
21 November 2019
Nuovi tank container

New Rubino RS container tanks in arrival!

In arrival from China 10 brand new Rubino RS container tanks manufactured using the latest state of the art production processes. All have been designed and produced following our strict […]
21 November 2019
Tank Washing

Sterilization and tank washing: two tracks

Tank Washing: la Rubino RS entrusts the internal washing of its tanks to the group Transiberiana Serviz srl. La Transiberiana Servizi specializes in: -Internal tank washing -Steam Heating -Depot Services […]